Bait Al Mashura Finance consultation has successfully conducted international conferences from the past 3 years consecutively starting from the October 2012. These conferences on Islamic Finance is credited to the track record of company’s strength in the market and its strong network with the prominent leading scholars of the Islamic banking and finance industry. More than fifteen research papers related to the above mentioned topics have been contributed to the conference. In addition to this a number of practices and procedures to be adopted by the relevant bodies and parties have been recommended by the speakers.
First IFC Doha
Theme: “Islamic Finance in the new Economic Era” :
The conference discussed the theme in four major topics and different sessions whereby more than twelve research papers were submitted by renowned industry practitioners of Islamic banking and finance.
Second IFC Doha
Theme: “Islamic Banking: the Present State and Future Aspirations”
The conference discussed more than 16 research papers in four main sessions, whereby prominent scholars, industry practitioners as well as governors of central banks shed their views and put relevant recommendations for the industry’s best practice.
Third IFC Doha
Theme: “Financial Industry and Contemporary Challenges”
The third Islamic Finance conference of Doha has taken to discuss the most hot topics within the Islamic finance arena such as conversion of conventional financial institutions into Islamic ones, Islamic finance specialization in the global academic institutions, issues related to payment delay within the Islamic finance institutions and corporate social responsibility of the Islamic Finance institutions and many more.


Bait Al-Mashura Finance Consultations has introduced a workshop that takes place every six months to address the most recent issues and development in Islamic Finance. Professional Scholars, Senior Executives, Management consultants and other professionals are invited to these workshops to identify the concerns and suggest ideas to tackle with these issues. These workshops help in creating awareness amongst the fellow peers about Islamic Finance. We have successfully held two workshops in the past and have effectively served the purpose of spreading awareness about Islamic finance as well as developed networking opportunities with fellow peers.


Bait Al-Mashura Finance Consultations holds lectures and awareness seminars for the society to create awareness about the booming industry of Islamic Finance. Awareness Seminars have been held on Islamic finance for the students of secondary schools and the general public with the participation of community leaders such as Mosque Imams through relevant authorities including the Ministry of Awqaf in corporation with Social Development Centre. Bait Al-Mashura has also donated the selected publications in Islamic Finance to the public and major private libraries in the country.


To preserve the contemporary advancements in the field of Islamic Finance we provide the quality reading material for the aspirants of Islamic Finance. We publish articles and journals to enrich the Islamic Finance literature with useful contribution for serving the future generation and to expand the reference base of Islamic Finance. These publications are meant for educational purpose that is published on the most crucial issues of Islamic banking. Information is gathered from theoretical and practical bases. Information collected through workshops and conferences conducted by Bait Al Mashura are a good source of practical information for the article. The information thus collected is presented in a well structures and an understandable manner keeping in mind our readers. We also deliver text books of academic nature, reference books to serve the research and special purpose books for field experts.