Shari’ah Board

Sheikh Dr. Walid Bin Hadi
He holds an M.A and PhD in Islamic Shari’ah and the Head of Shari’ah Supervision Board of QInvest Company and a member of Shari’ah Supervision Boards for many other Islamic Finance Organizations, including Qatar Islamic Bank, al-Rayan Bank, Qatar International Islamic Bank, Qatar National Bank, European Finance House, Asian Finance House, Qatar-Syria International Bank and Arab Finance House. He has several publications in the field of Islamic Finance Transactions.

Sheikh Dr. Osama Qais al-Derai‘e
He worked as a lecturer in International Islamic University – Malaysia – Faculty of Law and Humanities, and a collaborating lecturer with the Faculty of Law at Qatar University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in the Noble Hadith and its Sciences of the Islamic University in al-Madeenah, and master’s and doctoral degrees in Islamic Economics from the University of Malaya – Malaysia. At present, he is the General Manager and CEO of Bait al-Mashura Finance Consultations and a member of many of the Fatwa and Shari’ah Supervision Boards inside and outside Qatar. He has a number of studies and research in the Islamic finance industry. He is a specialized trainer in the transactions of contemporary jurisprudence and its applications in financial institutions.

Sheikh Dr. ‘Esam al-‘Enezy
He is an Assistant Chief Executive of Shari’ah Supervision and a member of Teaching Staff of Kuwait University. He is a member of Shari’ah Supervision Board at Investment House Company since 2005, in addition to his membership in Shari’ah Advisory body of Boubyan Bank. He has several researches specialized in Islamic Finance Tools and in the field of Shari’ah Agreement with Contemporary Banking Activities. He obtained PhD in Jurisprudence from Jordan University in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Sheikh Dr. Murad Budayiah
He holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Usool al-Fiqh (origins, sources, and principles of the Islamic jurisprudence). At present, he is working as a deputed instructor at Shari‘ah and laws/ Kuwait University. He is a member of several Shari‘ah and scientific committees for Awqaf and encyclopedic research at the Ministry of Awqaf. He participated in several training courses, workshops and conferences. He has a number of studies and research.
Dr. Khalid Shams Abdulqader

Dr Khalid Shams Abdulqader earned his Masters in Economics from Claremont Graduate University – California, USA in 1998 and a Ph.D. in Banking from the University of Wales Bangor, UK In 2003. Dr Khalid chairs the Finance and Economics Department at Qatar University. Dr Khalid has had a wide range of researches in the fields of banking, shares and gulf currencies. He participated in some global Economics and Finance conferences. Dr Khalid worked in several government institutions such as Amiri Diwan and QSE. At present, he is working as professor at QU.


Sheikh Dr. ‘Abdul Razzaq Bin Khalifa al-Shayji
He is a professor at Shari’ah and Higher Studies College in Kuwait University. He worked as Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Higher Studies and Research at Shari’ah College of Kuwait University. He spent more than 25 years in Research Centers through which he gained a number of Awards; the last one was from Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science. He obtained his B.A from Shari’ah College/Kuwait University, and his M.A and PhD from Shari’ah College/al-Azhar University. He heads many Fatwa and Shari’ah Supervision Boards inside and outside Kuwait and he is an advisor to the National Assembly of Kuwaiti as well as advisor to the General Authority for Minors Affairs.

Dr. Fuad Hamid al-Dulaimi

Dr. al-Dulaimi holds a BA , an MA in Islamic Studies – University of Baghdad – and a PhD from the National University/Malaysia. He has been granted several certificates of appreciation from a number of specialized courses. He is a member of the Islamic International Foundation for economics and finance, has a number of scientific researches and studies, currently working in Shari’ah supervision and audit.

Advisory Board

Mr. Ali Al-Zubaid

Holds a B.A in Economy from Kuwait University in 1979 and received many specialized and advanced training courses and programs in Management, Finance, Marketing and Economy. As for his practical experience, he has a long history in Banking, Finance and investment businesses, especially in the field of Finance and Investment and Banking Retails Services as well as in Real Estate Services. He currently holds several positions in different Kuwaiti, Gulf and Arab companies.