Executive Management

Managing Director and CEO
Sheikh Dr. Osama Qais al-Derai‘e
He worked as a lecturer in International Islamic University – Malaysia – Faculty of Law and Humanities, and a collaborating lecturer with the Faculty of Law at Qatar University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in the Noble Hadith and its Sciences of the Islamic University in al-Madeenah, and master’s and doctoral degrees in Islamic Economics from the University of Malaya – Malaysia. At present, he is the General Manager and CEO of Bait al-Mashura Finance Consultations and a member of many of the Fatwa and Shari’ah Supervision Boards inside and outside Qatar. He has a number of studies and research in the Islamic finance industry. He is a specialized trainer in the transactions of contemporary jurisprudence and its applications in financial institutions.

Administrative and Financial Affairs Department
Administrative and Financial Affairs Officer
Mr. Salah Hasan Sayed Ahmed
Holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting Department, Faculty of Commerce Zaqaziq University, Arab Republic of Egypt, worked as an auditor at financial affairs of the General Authority for Health Insurance in Egypt, Governorate Branch of Sharqiya for two years, then head of the Department of Audit Authority at Governorate Branch of Sharqiya for three years, and then Chief of Financial Affairs at the commission in the Sharqiya Province branch for two years.

Shari’ah Supervision and Audit Department
Shari’ah Supervision and Audit Officer
Sheikh/Fuad Hamid al-Dulaimi
Mr. al-Dulaimi holds a BA , an MA in Islamic Studies – University of Baghdad – and a PhD from the National University/Malaysia. He has been granted several certificates of appreciation from a number of specialized courses. He is a member of the Islamic International Foundation for economics and finance, has a number of scientific researches and studies, currently working in Shari’ah supervision and audit

Mr. Mohamed Nafeel M. Mahboob
Shari‘ah Auditor
Mr. Mohamed Nafeel is a Shari‘ah Auditor at the company; holds a Diploma in Shari‘ah sciences and Arabic Language(Sri Lanka ), certificate of Qur’an memorization , BA in Islamic Studies – University of Al-Madina Al-Munawarah and an M.Sc in Islamic Finance –Hamad Bin Khalifa University. He has got good experience in products and contracts of Islamic Banking and Islamic capitals markets, Shari ‘ah auditing and supervision, research in Islamic finance, in addition to risk evaluation and management and auditing conferences researches.

Mr. Mohammed Muslehuddin Mus‘ab
Shari‘ah Auditor
Mr. Musleh is a Shari‘ah Auditor at the company; holds a BA in Islamic Studies, BA in Arabic and a third BA in Shari‘ah – University of Al-Madina Al-Munawarah .He also holds an M.Sc in Islamic Finance – Hamad Bin Khalifa University. He has got good experience in consultation, research, training in Islamic finance field, in addition to risk evaluation and management and Islamic financial products.

Management and Financial Consultations Department
Mrs. Sangeeta Al Halabi
Head of Assurance and Business Advisory Services
Mrs. Halabi is a highly-skilled and educated professional, holding certificates in B Com (Hons) ,ACCA , CFA , ACMA ,CIA and Diploma in Islamic Finance. She has 14 years of experience in the fields of IFRS, ISA’s and Internal Auditing Standards, management consultancy, strategic business plan, valuations of companies, financial due diligence, business planning and corporate restructuring and training.
She has worked with highly reputed companies like FXSol, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst and Young as well as top clients in GCC countries, United Kingdom and India.

Mr.Ahmad Mohamed Anwar
Financial Analyst
Mr. Ahmad has worked in a reputed group company in Qatar as Internal Auditor. He is reading for his final paper in ACCA and Master in Finance and Control. He is having excellent analytical and communication skills and experienced in Budgeting, Internal Auditing , Preparation of Feasibility Studies , Financial Model building, Preparation on Business plan , Statistical Analysis and market and economic Analysis.

Training and Development Department
Mr. Mamdouh El Badry
Business Development Manager
Mr. El Badry has a distinguished 12+ years experience orchestrating marketing, Market Research, sales and events divisions’ career which reflects continual advancements, a depth of valuable transferable experience, leadership and consistent achievements in driving innovative, cost effective business development, marketing and sales strategies, programs and initiatives that deliver dynamic business results. contributing marketing and sales information and recommendations to plans and business reviews; preparing and completing action plans; implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving management challenges; completing audits; identifying trends; determining system improvements and implementing changes.
Field Experience
Market Research, Marketing and Sales financial objectives, annual plans, budgets, P&L, Action plans, fine tuning productivity, quality and customer service standards, advertising, branding, B2B, B2C and B2G campaigns, trade promotions and field sales action plans.

Studies and Researches Department
Dr. Ebraheem Jammal
Head of Studies and Researches Department
Dr. Ebraheem is a Ph.D in Islamic financial transactions and a Certified Shari’ah Auditor and Advisor (CSAA) from AAOIFI-Bahrain. He holds dual Masters; one in banking and finance another in Islamic comparative jurisprudence in addition to many specialized professional certificates. He is an academician cum trainer in the field of Islamic banking and finance, has been lecturing in number of universities and supervised over many researches and theses. He has been actively contributing with articles and researches in the field of Islamic Economics and finance and participating in many conferences locally and internationally.