Bait al-Mashura, a specialized company in providing finance consultations, has come into existence due to importance of the supervisory role which Fatwa and Shari’ah supervision bodies render in relation to guiding, controlling and developing business of financial institutions in accordance with Shari’ah rules.

 Furthermore, the Islamic Financial Industry has achieved some considerable growth in a record period. Hence, Bait al-Mashura Finance Consultations, a specialized Consulting Body, has been established to provide Shari’ah Consultation to conventional and Islamic financial institutions, as well as Shari’ah audit, supervision, training and development so as to be a genuine partner in the success of Islamic Banking Journey.

Our Mission

To disseminate Islamic finance industry concepts, rules and provisions and to ensure their application in accordance with the highest standards of quality and excellence through modern scientific methods and well-qualified cadre.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in providing shari’ah consulting, auditing and development as well as training in the field of Islamic finance industry.

Our Goals

  • To spread the culture of the Islamic finance industry within Qatar and abroad.
  • To introduce and develop Islamic financial products to keep up with the growth in the industry and reinforce its competitive position.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction for quality services.
  • To cooperate with financial institutions locally, regionally and globally.
  • Investing in human resources for preparation of highly qualified scholars in advisory committee, Shari’ah boards and auditing